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I’m an experienced model maker, set builder, prop maker.

Over the last 16 years my work has predominantly consisted of providing creative, beautifully crafted solutions to the advertising industry (both stills and TV), the film and music industries. I’ve also worked extensively in the exhibition and editorial worlds.

My projects are diverse, from temporary installations to mock real life representations,
and large exhibition structures to complex intricate models for photography.

I learned my trade through studying model-making at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Rochester, and then honed these skills through working with long established and highly-respected figures within the industry including Carmel Said and Andy Knight, and with emerging talents like Rhea Thierstein.

I’ve had the opportunity to with some of the best photographers around, such as Tim Walker, Andy Rudak,  Luke Kirwan and James Day.

I have a passion for my work, and love watching each project evolve. I have an great eye for detail and a well developed knowledge of materials.

I work closely with photographers, directors and art directors to create their perfect solutions whether from concept stage or highly developed specifications. I thoroughly love tackling new and interesting commissions.

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